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Premiere Pro, After Effects, Resolve, AVID, Photoshop

Oh, hey! I'm Mitch

I edit films, I tell stories!

With over 10 years of editing experience, I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with a wide range of high profile agencies, international brands and talented filmmakers/creatives along with charities and smaller companies to help tell their stories.


​Editing perfectly blends my creative, technical and organisational strengths. I love the craft of building a narrative and the collaborative process that brings stories to life. My greatest satisfaction lies in crafting edits that captivate viewers and take them on an emotional journey from start to finish.  Whether a feature film, short documentary, brand film or social edit, I bring passion, meticulous attention to detail and care to every frame.


My journey in filmmaking began in my teens, where I made a 70-minute slasher horror film with friends. I studied Computer Science at Uni and worked in the music industry for a few years before returning my true calling as an editor.


In addition to editing, I've ventured into directing with the short film "Everything Is Going To Be Fine," released on Cineverse's Scream Box, and the dark comedy feature "Murder Ballads: How to Make It in Rock 'n' Roll," starring Simon Callow, currently on its festival circuit.


In my free time, I embrace being a dad to two energetic young kids, write scripts, and immerse myself in a diverse range of films, with a particular fondness for sharksploitation movies.


I'm always open to discussing new collaborations and seeing how I can contribute to telling your stories. ​Feel free to reach out via your preferred communication method.

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